Friday, May 24, 2013


Just sent off submission #8 for the week, not only meeting my goal, but surpassing it by two. Whoohoo! And I've got five more in the works: two ready to go, just need to find markets, and three that still need a little tweaking. New goal: submitting those five throughout next week.

I also tried taking a double dip in the flash challenge pool (or would that be the ice cream pool? cream), and managed to keep my head above water with one successful entry. The other was disqualified (once again) due to The (Dreaded) Timer. But that was at least partially my fault, diving headfirst into subject matter I'm not quite knowledgable enough about to be sure I had the details right. (Note to self: while timer is ticking down = not the best time to do research.)

Even though one was disqualified, I still put it out there and came away with a potentially submittable story, and the other marked my first (and only) successful challenge entry since venturing back into the pool. Since that was my third try, guess third time really is the charm.

Wonder what charming tunes these three came up with?

Today I also started a story for a contest. For anyone interested in giving it a go, check it out here. Note that the deadline's May 31, so like me, you'll have to get crackin'. I found out about it late, or I could've cracked a little sooner. (In the writing sense. In the mental sense, The S.S. Crackup set sail long, long ago.)

All in all, a very productive week. And it's not over yet, so let's see if the productivity streak can continue. 

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