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While looking up info on Memorial Day, I discovered that today--May 27th, not Memorial Day specifically, as it can fall on other days--is also included in a whole host of other observances that I'd been previously unaware of. Such as:  

---Cellophane Tape Day - were you prepared with gifts of tape for your loved ones? You can claim ignorance if you weren't aware of it, either, but next year, we'd better all be ready.

---Old Time Player Piano Weekend - there isn't much out there about what observing this weekend is supposed to entail, but I did find out that there's a player piano named Stanley who's been modified to take song requests via Twitter. He does concerts and the whole works. (I like to imagine him partying like a rockstar backstage.)

And of course there's the oldie-but-goodie Player PianoKurt Vonnegut's first novel, which has zero to do with observing Player Piano Week, but this is a blog about writing. Like I'm not going to mention it?

I discovered that May is also:

---Carrot and Cauliflower Month

There isn't a lot out there about what goes on during these observations, either, but I hadn't been aware that vegetables had "months", or that there were festivals for pretty much every variety. (Or that there's even a carrot museum and a potato museum.)

So now I'm curious. Are there people who go around the circuit of these festivals, like groupies following a rock band? (Does Stanley have groupies?)

Interesting writing prompt here, with all sorts of possibilities. Whether veggie groupies exist or not, a great thing about writing fiction: we can always make them up. A character could face off against his arch nemesis over a cutthroat game of Name That Potato! or fall in love with an orange-tinted cutie while sharing a carrot smoothie via two straws, the way it used to happen over milkshakes in 50's diners.

If you live near any of the festival sites, go check one out. A lot have already taken place this year, but there's always next year. Here's links to a few, both already occurred and yet to come:

Carrot Festivals (international)
Cauliflower Festival (Margaretville, NY)
Vidalia Onion Festival (Vidalia, GA)

Potato Festivals:

Not a lot of days left to celebrate, but next year, I'll be ready, and maybe learning about all these might even spark a story or two.

Happy May Holidays and Happy Writing!  

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