Friday, May 17, 2013


As of yesterday afternoon, I've got an appropriately tiny little piece called A Brand New Bag up at 101Words. Of course I'm always happy to receive a nice green YES rather than a mean red NO, but since this was the first thing I'd subbed anywhere in far too long, a little extra happy to hear the Y-word straight out of the rust-riddled gate.

And even better? Hearing it twice. My submission to Leaves of Ink was also accepted, marking my first ever YES in the poetry category. First ever! It's not up yet, but slated to appear in a few weeks. I'll post an update when it's there, but go check out the site in the meantime.

All total, five pieces subbed this week. So far, the two lovely Y's, one auto-reject due to the journal being closed to submissions (oops), and two still awaiting response. The goal: sending out half a dozen more throughout next week.       

There. Goal openly stated. Now I have to stick to it. That's the way it works, right?

In addition to the yea!, I'm happy just to be able to say I've managed sending out anything at all. I've been so nervous with these submissions, and I'm talking beyond normal nervous, all the What if they think it totally sucks? What if they yell out to everybody in the office, Hey, come get a load of this piece of crap! then all laugh hysterically before using it to play wastebasket b-ball?

Yes, I've actually envisioned this happening, even though I know some of the smaller presses don't even have an "everybody" or an office. Maybe then they just yell out to their family, or their dog. What if the dog laughed, too? Since dogs can't read, that seems especially troubling.

Anyway, in addition to the usual (irrational?) concerns, I'm talking being nervous over everything. Did I spell my name right? Is that even my name? Is that really my address? It doesn't look like my address. I should go check my house I totally, totally positive that's the right email? Am I supposed to capitalize "I"?

So I checked everything exactly 327 times before hitting "Send", and still managed submitting to one that's closed. Guess I should've checked it 328 times.

But, despite my various neuroses, irrational(?) mental images and possible OCD issues, the submission ship has sailed. Now let's see if I can keep it on course, or end up wrecked in the rocks.

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