Saturday, June 1, 2013


Unfortunately, today's title applies to the weather this week, not my writing career. My AC went kaput, I live in a blazing hot climate, so my brain's been cooked way past al dente, and I was even treated to a nice little heart attack over the replacement cost. Did you know you could buy a nice little used car for the cost of a new AC unit? I didn't, and wasn't exactly happy to come by that information firsthand. Poor piggy bank:

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Flash challenges were a no-go this week, but that was before the AC crash, so I can't use that as an excuse. I did attempt two challenges, but couldn't find my way to wrapping up either before The Dreaded Timer wound down. Once again, I have a couple of 2k+ word stories to show for my efforts, but I'm not sure how useable either of those are. Only time, revisions and submissions will tell.

Speaking of submissions, I did manage to meet my goal and surpass it by one, sending out a total of six pieces this week. I have two more ready to send out, but once again on that, I'm having trouble finding the right markets. Next week's goal: find those two potential homes, tweak a few others to completion and (hopefully) submit those.

I didn't manage to finish my story for the On The Premises contest, but good luck to everyone who did, and once I do finish mine, I'll be able to shop it around to speculative markets. It's about a robot, so I had to do all this robot research to make sure I didn't sound like a total noob, and while picking up all these robot facts, I realized something: it isn't only reading that's educational. Thinking back over all the various research I've done, it dawned on me that I've learned about all sorts of things I might not have otherwise had occasion to learn about. Machinery, transportation, industry, clothing styles, household goods, political scandals, current events that took place in various eras...the list could go on forever. Does that mean writing is fundamental, too? I've always thought so, as I imagine every writer does, but it's nice to think that's true in general. See, we're not just wasting our time--even if we are languishing in obscurity, we're still learning, damn it!   

Two rejections rolled in this week. Typically, I've gotten the standard Sorry, but we're gonna pass on this one. Good luck placing it elsewhere. But this time, the first of the two was my first ever Rejection With Critique. Still a NO, so of course not what I'm going for, but does it mean you're at least receiving better rejections when someone takes the time to offer critique? The second also offered a bit more commentary than usual--just flukes, or moving up in the rejection world?

Yeah, yeah, that's nothing to be happy about, but I'd rather laugh than cry, especially since I'm already crying over poor piggy bank's injuries.

So I'll be off now to engage in some coupon clipping, and hopefully beat the buzzer for next week's flash challenges.

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