Monday, October 7, 2013


Lately I've been thinking about everyone who's supported me in my writing efforts. Thanks to my wedding anniversary coming up and reflecting on our years together, I've been especially mindful of everything my husband's done to show his support.

Once upon a time, I wrote longhand. I enjoyed writing that way and didn't mind the extra effort of typing it up. It tended to serve as my first revision and couldn't be considered wasted time, but due to health issues, writing longhand became no longer feasible, so I switched to a desktop computer. After it died an untimely death, I started going to the library and using the computers there. As much as I love the library, I can't say the public computer area is the best writing environment, given all the distractions and time limits and so on, but lacking the funds for a new computer, it was my only option.

Fast forward to Christmas of that year. Our tradition is to take turns opening presents one at a time. My husband said he'd wanted to do something to help me with my writing and passed me my last package. It held a copy of Writer's Market, which I'd expected since I'd asked for it, but something I didn't expect: a laptop. A top of the line laptop that I was surprised my frugal, non-techie husband would choose. This is the same guy who buys generic if it's five cents cheaper, who won't buy a pair of shoes that aren't on sale, who takes whatever cellphone is "free with contract", who doesn't have (or want) a computer of his own, who uses an iPad at work and still doesn't want one (or any kind of tablet) for himself.

But this same guy was willing to step far outside his financial and technological comfort zones, research laptops and buy the best one he could afford. For me. To support me. I'll never forget that, and the knowledge that he was willing to do it is something that's helped keep me at this gig when I've been discouraged. His support has been unwavering in other ways, as well. Allowing me time and space to write, picking up the slack around the house, serving as a sounding board, reading my work and offering feedback, helping me with research. 

I'm also lucky enough to say that he isn't the only one who's shown support. Friends and neighbors IRL, online friends, members of online writing's true that writing is a lonely business, but all these people have helped to make it a lot less lonely. I'm not going to name names because undoubtedly I'd end up leaving someone off the list, but know that I appreciate every one of you.

To all the writers out there: who supports you? I hope you have at least one person you can always count on. Unwavering support is an invaluable gift.

To my husband: Happy Anniversary! 

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